Trace Alliance FAQ

A non-profit organization with over 150 members worldwide, Trace Alliance is a partnership hub where the OriginTrail ecosystem comes together to partner and collaborate. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and community engagement, where innovation and free exchange of knowledge benefit individuals, businesses, and organizations. Open-source and permissionless with a public GitHub repository, OriginTrail enables anyone to access its code for utilization and provide contributions for further development. Within Trace Alliance, we collaborate on diverse Decentralized Knowledge Graph topics, exchanging knowledge, experiences, and network for new opportunities.

Trace Alliance works as an education and partnership hub in the OriginTrail ecosystem. Organized around different topics related to the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph, members are connecting on an ad-hoc or permanent basis to exchange knowledge and experience, network for new opportunities, or work on new important topics within the OriginTrail ecosystem.

Please refer to the become a member section of this website and follow the correct process, whether you are an Enterprise Company, Service Provider or a Developer.

  •  Access to brand new business and R&D opportunities and state-of-the-art Web3 technologies.
  •  Being part of a technologically advanced community building the trusted knowledge foundation for the age of AI.
  •   Access to knowledge and experience from other organizations for technical feasibility purposes and for developing new business ideas.
  •   Exploration of results and gaining knowledge from real use cases.
  •  Being part of different technological and business challenges and witnessing their resolution.
  •  Co-branding on the website and within communications.

There is no participation fee.

Trace Alliance is a gateway towards AI-powered solutions based on trusted knowledge.