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Enabling Secure Data Exchange in Supply Chains with Integrity

The Trace Alliance is a non-profit association which connects businesses, the public sector, academics and technology companies in the field of blockchain research and practical solutions for supply chains primarily. The collaborative effort of the alliance aims to resolve different challenges and use cases in achieving increased supply chain integrity, data governance, transparency and trust.

Trace Alliance Members

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Benefits for Members


Access to new academic research papers.

Access to knowledge resources.


Direct access to use cases.

Access to new releases of technologies and solutions.


Enhanced visibility at Trace Alliance events.

Co-creation of a blockchain environment for supply chains and beyond.

How Does the Trace Alliance Work?


Companies that want to use the protocol for their supply chain challenges and are seeking rapid and effective solutions. This includes retail companies, manufacturers, logistics providers and other stakeholders.

Service Providers

Companies that provide supply chain management solutions and consulting or advisory services to help their clients be more efficient, and enhance product and consumer safety and brand protection..

Development Community

Individuals or groups of developers interested in building applications for supply chains on top of decentralized network capabilities, as well as improving the OriginTrail protocol core.

Research Institutions

Entities that have significant theoretical, empirical and research knowledge and can contribute to resolution of theoretical and practical challenges.

OriginTrail brings trusted data sharing to global supply chains by utilizing blockchain technology. The OriginTrail Decentralized Network (ODN) is built for data integrity and validation in inter-organizational environments, based on globally recognized standards and powerful graph data structures. With existing use cases across different industries, OriginTrail is a foundation for the next generation of business applications.


Trace Alliance is a voluntary organisation with no membership fees in the first couple of months.

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Any organization that wants to explore the possibilities of the blockchain to enhance transparency and trust is welcome to join the Trace Alliance. It enables access to the world’s leading experts and forward-thinking companies, working together on the global issues to create more efficient and transparent supply chains for the 21st century — to benefit both consumers and businesses. The Trace Alliance is an ecosystem as well as the platform that will facilitate the adoption of the OriginTrail protocol.

John G. Keogh

Chairman of Trace Alliance

Trace Alliance is a gateway towards solutions based on the OriginTrail protocol and blockchain technology.